About me

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Hello! My name is Daniel del Castillo de la Rosa! I'm a computer engineering student at Universidad de La Laguna. You can see some of my work in my GitHub account.

Now I'll tell you some things about me. I always had for certain that I would study something computer related. Ever since my first programming steps (with Python) I have been interested in programming languages, and lately I have also found interest in topics like compilers, computer graphics, AI and data analysis. As a Linux user(now Arch btw), I have learned to appreciate the usefulness of open source software and, also, how important documentation is.

Even though my first steps were in Python, the first language I became proficient with was C++. I have used it a lot for my university classes, and maybe that's why I felt in love with Rust when I discovered it. I'm now a proud Rustacean! Lately I've been using a lot of JavaScript too. And while we can all agree JavaScript has it flaws, its dynamism is sometimes refreshing. I have also used Go, Python, Ruby, Nim, C and R, but I'm not that experienced.

I'm a native spanish speaker, but I also speak english and lately I've been learning german, although it's been tough.

I took part in the 2021 GSoC program. I worked in the htsget-rs project collaborating with the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health. You can read more about it here.

If you want to, you can contact me at delcastillodelarosadaniel(at)gmail.com!